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   M-6644: Map of the Holy Land in the 1600's



M-6644: (Image: 18 ¼ x 21 ¾’’) “TERRA SANCTA…”Amsterdam: Frederick de Wit,

c. 1680. Engraved map with full superb original hand-coloring. (Reference: Nebenzahl #49).

This highly decorative map depicts the Holy Land extending from Sidon & Damascus to the “Wilderness of Pharan” in the Sinai. Divisions of the 12 Tribes are noted, as are the biblical towns, caves, wells, & graves. Information is provided regarding the seats of ancient kingdoms from the period prior to the coming of the Israelites, as well as Roman provincial divisions from the time of Christ.

The inset at the bottom depicts an encampment of Israelites during the Exodus. The 12 Tribes are deployed around the perimeter with the population of each noted; in the center is the Tabernacle with the Levites in attendance. Moses is shown (left) holding his staff opposite Aaron in priestly robes. On the sea are the legends of Jonah & the Whale & King Solomon’s Lebanese cedars. Garlands, supported by angels across the top, repeat with various fruits, bunches of grapes & flowers - suggesting the theme of the Promised Land’s richness. The key (upper left) explains the various symbols found in the map.

Inventory Number: M-6644


Charles Edwin Puckett
Contact   Charles Edwin Puckett Phone: 330-668-0032
Period: 17th Century (1601-1700)
Date: c. 1680
Origin: Amsterdam
Condition: Excellent
Measurements: Image: 18 ¼ x 21 ¾’’
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Price: SOLD
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