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   Une Demoiselle d’Avignon (Homage to Picasso) by Moses Soyer (1899-1974)



Graphite (pencil) drawing
Estate stamp, right lower center

Provenance: Estate of the artist

Sheet size: 11 X 8 inches

Frame size: 20 X 16 5/8 inches



Pablo Picasso’s iconic painting, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907), had an enormous impact on many artists working early in the 20th century. Picasso’s biographer, John Richardson, has written of it: The most innovative painting since Giotto…it established a new pictorial syntax; it enabled people to perceive things with new eyes, new minds, new awareness…the first unequivocally twentieth century masterpiece, a principal detonator of the modern movement, the cornerstone of twentieth-century art. (Richardson, John, A Life of Picasso, Volume I, 1881-1906,  Random House, New York City, 1991, p. 475)


Although Soyer, as is seen here, was aware of modernist trends in art in the early 20th century, he usually resisted the temptation of innovation for the sake of innovation. While American art was going in many different experimental directions, a desire to follow the latest fashions in art was not something in which he was interested. He preferred to work in the earlier tradition of figurative art to express his own personal and unique vision. Even this figure, appropriated from Picasso, has been transformed into a work that is characteristically and identifiably a Moses Soyer. 


Inventory Number: FC98047


Fletcher/Copenhaver Fine Art
Contact   Fletcher/Copenhaver Phone: 540 371 7540
Period: 1st Half 20th Century (1901 -1949)
Origin: USA
Condition: In excellent condition. Framed using all acid free materials and Conservation Clear Glass.
Inventory Other Inventory by this Dealer
Price: $2800
E-mail: Inquire
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Moses Soyer (1899-1974), Une Demoiselle d’Avignon (Homage to Picasso), Graphite (pencil) drawing
Small Product Photo
Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907)

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