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Sold Antiques
M-9689: Map of Mexico, c. 1835 - Year of the call for the Independent Republic of Texas 
IM-6527: Illuminated Medieval Gregorian Chant  
M-12076 - Ortelius map of Russia, Japan and ''America or the New World Land'' c. 1598 
M-790 - "Granata Nova et California" c 1597 - Wytfliet 
IM-3376: Important Breviary Leaf - Duke of Ferrara 
IM-11146 - Medieval Breviary Leaf - Breviary of Leonello d'Este - Duke of Ferrara 
IM-10572 - Important Book of Hours Leaf with miniature painting of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane 
M-6531: L'Isle de France Region - c. 1635 
M-10487: Russia in the 1600's 
M-10640: British Isles in the early 1700's  
M-57: Spain and Portugal - c. 1796 
IM-10571 - Exquisite Book of Hours Leaf with miniature painting of Salvator Mundi 
M-13269 - North America with California as an Island, c. 1735 
IM-10616 - Book of Hours Leaf with miniature painting of the Annunciation to the Shepherds 
M-11933 - Map of the US c. 1806  
M-12606 - Important Map of the New World - The Americas in 1556 
M-12074 - c. 1646 World Map - Merian 
IM-10164 - Book of Hours Leaf with elaborate borders - c. 1490 
M-11292: Scarce Navigator's Chart of the world - mid 1500's 
IM-11056 - Medieval Choirbook Leaf - Feast of St. Francis, c. 1470 
IM-11022 - Early Medieval Psalter Leaf, c. 1300-25 
IM-1521: 13th Century Bible Leaf - William De Brailes - Oxford 
IM-9022: Medieval Psalter Leaf - David Playing Bells 
IM-2447: Book of Hours Leaf - David and Uriah - Master of Anne de Bretagne 
IM-2721: Book of Hours Leaf - The Crucifixion 
IM-8505: Important Medieval Psalter Leaf 
IM-6045 - Book of Hours Leaf with 5 miniatures 
IM-4864: Book of Hours Leaf - Mass of St. Gregory 
IM-4396: Book of Hours Leaf - The Holy Trinity - Thielman Kerver 
IM-3188: Medieval Bible Leaf - Exceptional illuminations 
M-10892: Map of Jerusalem  
M-10893: Map of the Holy Land in 1748 
M-10897: Mercator Map of the New World 
M-13395 - "Planiglobii Terestris..." World Map w CA as island - Homann c 1710-15 
IM-10513 - Book of Hours Leaf, c. 1420-30 with miniature painting of St. Katherine 
M-12971 - Title Page for the Blaeu Atlas, c. 1642 
IM-10271 - Medieval Book of Hours Leaf with miniature of Funeral Service 
M-10934: Map of the Travels of St. Paul and the Apostles 
IM-10450 - Hours Leaf, c. 1510 with miniature paintings of St. James (Jacob), and Peter & Paul 
IM-9277: c. 1250 Bible Leaf - Joseph and his brothers 
IM-9285: Known Beauvais Missal Leaf c. 1285-90 
M-10950: Ortelius Map of Iceland 
M-11685 - The Americas in 1677 - California as an island 
M-11684 - First year of the Official USA - 1783 
M-11567 - Map of North America by Homann, c. 1725 
IM-10135 - Elaborately illuminated Medieval Gregorian Chant - c. 1460-80 
IM-9880 - Renaissance Book of Hours Leaf with miniature painting 
IM-9878 - c. 1415 Hours Leaf with beautiful rinceaux borders 
IM-9879 - c. 1490 Book of Hours Leaf with elaborate border 
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